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What causes hydraulic hose failures?

1. External Damage

Hydraulic hose manufacturers estimate that 80% of hose failures are attributable to external physical damage through pulling, kinking, crushing or abrasion of the hose. Abrasion caused by hoses rubbing against each other or surrounding surfaces is the most common type of damage.To prevent external damage, ensure all clamps are kept secure, pay careful attention to routing whenever a replacement hose is installed and if necessary, apply polyurethane sleeve or polyethylene spiral wrap to protect hydraulic hose from abrasion.

2. Multi-plane bending / Hose twisting

Bending a hydraulic hose in more than one plane results in twisting of its wire reinforcement. A twist of five degrees can reduce the service life of a high-pressure hydraulic hose by as much as 70% and a seven degree twist can result in a 90% reduction in service life.
Multi-plane bending is usually the result of poor hose-assembly selection and/or routing but can occur as a result of inadequate  or  unsecure clamping where the hose is subject to machine or actuator movement.

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