The CRC Smartwasher® is Now Available at Stellar Industrial!

A proven leader in the parts washing industry, the CRC SmartWasher® 

bioremediating parts washing system is safe to use, cost effective and a powerful cleaner.

It is the ultimate solution to cleaning parts while delivering exceptional cleaning without any of the health risks associated with solvent and aqueous-based parts washers. It’s safer for you and for the environment.

The CRC SmartWasher® parts washing systems employs a natural process called bioremediation to eliminate liquid hazardous waste streams, reduce the release of harmful pollutants and increase employee safety.


The CRC SmartWasher® system combines three essential components:


  • The SmartWasher® which is the actual parts washer

  • A powerful water-based degreasing solution called OzzyJuice®

  • A microbe impregnated particulate trap called an OzzyMat®


The combination of these three remarkable products not only defines the CRC SmartWasher® parts cleaning system but also produces one truly amazing “Smart Washer”.


The Bioremediating Process

Bioremediation is the use of biological agents such as MICROBES or plants to break down or neutralize hazardous substances or contaminants thereby removing dangerous chemicals in the environment.


Smartwasher® works for you, whatever your industry!

The CRC SmartWasher® Parts-Washing System is designed for tough jobs. It was built to meet the parts washing needs of industrial applications, for general maintenance, automotive and fleet maintenance users and for military equipment, aircraft and weapons cleaning, but is safe enough for use in food handling facilities.

The Benchtop PRO For Home, Garages and Small Repair Shops

Tackle The Toughest Parts Cleaning Jobs.

Just Clean. Close. Store.™

The BenchtopPRO® is a first-of-its-kind parts washer 

The BenchtopPRO® is a water-based, self-contained, bioremediating parts washer that is as effective as solvent cleaners without the need to dispose of hazardous waste.

The safe, strong, cleaning power of bioremediation, combined with solid construction and a unique portable and storable design, makes this the ultimate parts washing tool for any workshop.

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